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The Arco / Pizzicato Music Studio

As a Private Lesson Teacher since 2005, I have taught students ranging from absolute beginners in Elementary School through Post-Doctoral and Non-Traditional Adult Learners. In my studio, you can learn Beginning through Intermediate technique on Violin, Viola, or Cello, and Beginning through Advanced / Professional technique on Double Bass and Electric Bass. Having performed a wide range of musical literature, you have the ability to learn the musical languages of jazz, classical, rock, funk, and everything in between! My students are frequently selected for Section Leader and Principal Positions both in Orchestral and Jazz Ensembles, as well as in District events, such as The Fort Collins All City Honor Band and Fort Collins All City Honor Orchestra, State events, such as Western States Honor Orchestra and The Colorado All State Orchestra, and International Ensembles such as the Young Bassists' Ensemble at the International Society of Bassists Conference. For students considering Post-secondary Music Education and Performance, bassists completing their musical studies in The Arco / Pizzicato Music Studio have also been admitted as Double Bass Performance Majors.

You can register as a new student at

I look forward to being part of your musicial journey!

- Daniel F. Smith

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